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About Guitars 4 Kids

As President of Schecter Guitar Research and Daisy Rock Guitars respectively, the Ciravolos hope they can unite many of the other guitar manufacturers together to rally around helping the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in 2004.

"Tish and I feel so fortunate and blessed to have two happy and healthy girls, and to be in a position with our companies to do something truly meaningful. I sincerely believe that the other guitar manufactures will put all the competition, etc. aside and join us in this,"
says Ciravolo. The 'idea', which is still evolving, will be based around various on-line and silent auctions throughout the year, featuring autographed guitars from many electric and acoustic guitar manufacturers. To reach their lofty goal of $25,000.00, will need some simple help.

"Nothing more than people... parents, to take a few minutes and sign up to receive information about the auctions and to forward the web site and the auctions to friends, family, business associates, rock n' roll memorabilia collectors, anyone who is in a financial position to help."

100% of the money raised on the auctions will go directly to St. Jude, as the couple plans to have all checks payable directly to the Memphis based hospital. Tish Ciravolo adds, "We will certainly be asking favors from all of the guitar and trade magazines to help get the word out, but I know the entire MI community is made up of mothers and fathers who will be touched the same way Michael and I were... all you need to do is go to to see all of the help and suggestions to make Guitars 4 Kids a success. The only 'real' experience we have in this is that we are parents."

The couple hopes to continue Guitars 4 Kids next year.
"If we can make this really work, there are many other Children's Hospitals or organizations that could use help. Honestly, it really depends on everyone in our industry. I know some will be a bit skeptical since my wife and I run guitar companies, but this is not about self or company promotion. We know a PRS guitar signed by Creed or an ESP signed by Metallica would raise a lot of money... and to us, that is really what this is about. Not the name on the headstock."

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